Thursday, August 22, 2013

Netapp Qtree Creation Options From the Command Line

 You need a volume to work with. in this case, a volume called vol1 was created,
I create a qtree
myfiler> qtree create /vol/vol1/tomcat-5.6-dev
Shows how to create and set the security style for the qtree named java-src that’s on the root volume using the ntfs security model. FWIW, this is just showing the syntax of how it is done if the root volume or vol0 is used. I wouldn’t recommend doing that. Create a new volume, as demonstrated above, use a vol1 or something like that. So here I use
myfiler> qtree create java-src
myfiler> qtree security java-src ntfs
myfiler> cifs shares -add java-dev /vol/vol0/java-src
myfiler> cifs access java-dev BobTheAdmin Full Control
myfiler> qtree create /vol/vol1/forth-asm-src
myfiler> qtree security /vol/vol1/forth-asm-src ntfs
myfiler> cifs shares -add forth-dev /vol/vol1/forth-asm-src
myfiler> cifs access forth-dev BobTheAdmin Full Control
This sets the security style of the root volume vol0 to unix.
myfiler> qtree security / unix
Configures vol1′s security style to use the unix security model
myfiler> qtree security /vol/vol1/ unix
This disables oplocks for the apache-mods qtree
myfiler> qtree oplocks /vol/vol1/apache-mods disable
The following example enables oplocks for the vol1 volume.
myfiler> qtree oplocks /vol/vol1/ enable
Displays the status for all volumes. It will show the security oplocks attribute security style and snapmirrored status for all volumes and qtrees on the filer
myfiler> qtree status
Displays the security oplocks attribute style and snapmirrored status for vol1
myfiler> qtree status vol1
Shows stats for the qtree. NFS ops, CIFS ops etc..
myfiler> qtree stats
Displays the statistics for the qtrees in vol1 of the filer
myfiler> qtree stats vol1
How to clear the qtree statistics counters being reported for the vol_sap tree on the filer
myfiler> qtree stats -z vol_sap

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