Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Removing a hot spare disk

Removing a hot spare disk
Removing a hot spare disk requires you to remove ownership information and notify Data ONTAP that you are removing the disk to avoid unwanted AutoSupport messages.

1. Find the disk name of the hot spare disk you want to remove by entering the following command: aggr status -s

The names of the hot spare disks appear next to the word spare. The locations of the disks are shown to the right of the disk name.

2. If the storage system is using software-based disk ownership, remove the software ownership
information from the disk by entering the following commands in the specified order:

priv set advanced
disk remove_ownership disk_name
priv set

3. Enter the following command to spin down the disk:
disk remove disk_name

4. Wait for the disk to stop spinning.
See the hardware guide for your disk shelf model to learn about how to tell when a disk stops

5. Remove the disk from the disk shelf, following the instructions in the hardware guide for your disk model.

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