Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Renaming Netapp

The following steps are useful to rename a netapp filer, in order to preserve name space when migrating from netapp to emc. Unfortunately DFS wansn't used before I started working here, so I had 4 netapp filer names hosting CIFS shares that I had to migrate to EMC Celerra. After using rainfinity to replicate the shares from netapp to EMC, I had to perform the following steps to steal the name for the netapp and reuse it on the Celerra.

  • Connect to the filer by \\filername\c$\etc and copy the existing rc & hosts files as rc.old & hosts.old.

  • Open up the original hosts file and search and replace for the filers name and replace with the new name

  • Open up the original rc file, update the following hostname

  • Update the NetBIOS name on the filer by typing "options cifs.netbios_aliases "

  • Run the following on the filer you are renaming "CF disable" to disable the cluster, "CIFS Terminate" to terminate the cifs service.

  • Remove the entry for the old filer name from Active Directory users and computers and from DNS

  • Run Cifs Setup to add the filer back into Active directory and DNS with the new name
  • Run "CF enable" to enable the cluster.

  • Connect to the node that you failed over to and type "CF takeover" this will cause a reboot of the filer that you renamed

  • Once the filer that you renamed is back & you will see a message saying giveback operation is now available
  • run "cf giveback"

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