Monday, January 20, 2014

HA Configuration Checker (ha-config-check.cgi)

The HA Configuration Checker is a Perl script that detects errors in the configuration of a pair of NetApp HA (active-active) storage controllers. It will run as a command from a Unix shell or Windows prompt, but also doubles as a CGI script that can be executed by a Unix web server. The script uses rsh or ssh to communicate with the storage controllers you're checking, so you'll need to have the appropriate permissions for rsh to run on both storage controllers in the HA pair.

 If no /etc/hosts.equiv entry exists for the host where you tring to run, then the username and password must be provided to the script.

D:\>ha-config-check.exe -l filer1 filer2
filer1 rsh login: bali
Password: ********
filer2 rsh login: bali
Password: ********

Output would be..

== NetApp HA Configuration Checker v2.0.0 ==

Checking rsh logins. rsh filer1 -l bali:******** version

Checking rsh logins. rsh filer2 -l bali:******** version
Checking Data ONTAP versions...
Checking licenses...
Checking HA configuration identity...
Checking cf status...
Checking fcp cfmode settings...
fcp: FCP is not licensed.
Checking options...
Option timed.sched                  1h
 on filer2 has no match on filer1
Option timed.sched                  hourly
 on filer1 has no match on filer2
HA configuration issue(s) found above. Please correct them and rerun this script

Download the tool from below NOW link

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