Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to check part number of installed adapter in Ontap

There are number of situations when you want to check part number of installed PCI adapters in your NetApp FAS or V-series system, how do you do it?

Well whatever way you do there’s a simple way and undocumented also (atleast in their man pages) “sysconfig -ca”.
Just run the command and it will give you part number of all the pci adapters installed as well checks if they are in appropriate slot.

Here’s the sample output

XXYY> sysconfig -ca
sysconfig: slot 3 OK: X3147: NetApp NVRAM6 512MB
sysconfig: slot 2 OK: X1049A: PCI-E Quad 10/100/1000 Ethernet G20
sysconfig: slot 1 OK: X2054B: LSI 949E; PCI-E quad-port Fibre Channel (LSI7404EP)
sysconfig: Unless directed by NetApp Global Services volumes root,  should have the volume option create_ucode set to On.

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